Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Bike - Sears 5-speed

My latest project bike — I love the classic styling and modern graphics on this bike. Bonus that it's green and it's made in Austria (probably by Puch). Trying to decide whether this should be a Fixie conversion or a restore to original? These pictures don't illustrate how much work this bike will need.

After five months of on-and-off work, lots of elbow grease and finding just the right parts, it's complete! 
The restored 5-speed below:

New wheelset, tires, tubes, derauiller (Simplex), new vintage styled seat, recycled cork/rubber grips, new  left brake lever, brake pads and all cables. Ready to hit the street!


John said...

Cool bike and a nice restoration! I restored a similar Sears 3-speed bike which has become one of my favorite cruisers. If you still have the original saddle, would you be interested in selling it?


Myria Ince said...


I saw your post about this bike. I have one and it is a fixie. It's not quite done yet, when it is I'll send you a photo :)

the GOOPER said...

I have a bike almost exactly like that that I've been working on. Mine is missing a lot of the original parts though. You did a great job on your restoration.