Friday, December 16, 2011

Soda Wars

Looks like Coke has held up a little better than Pepsi. Wait, is that an ashtray in the middle?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Rural Route

Traveling the backroads of our state is a visual treat for me — I'd choose that over the I-XX Interstate any day, assuming time allows (which isn't often). I suppose that many prefer to haul-ass down the interstate, with the only priority being their ETA. But isn't it nice to slow down a bit and soak in some of the rural areas and the small towns along the way? There are untold stories and unknown history. Old buildings and new neighborhoods. Abandoned warehouses and rejuvenated businesses. Communities that are close-knit and neighborly. Sometimes, you see things that appear so out of place in our modern, connected world, yet connected in a more human way. Here are a few shots from my day trip not far from home (which included a bike purchase and a great mountain bike ride at Lynch's Woods Park in Newberry, SC).

I love the hand-painted, unintentional layered type.

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp and SE Racing OM Flyer.

My favorite shot.

Nice rusty patina on this old gas station sign.

This just seemed right in sepia tone/black and white.

Somewhere along the way (Kinard)

Beautiful homesite with nice pecan trees.

Riding at Lynch's Woods Park in Newberry, SC (Part of the Palmetto Trail)

Panoramic shot of the Park (using Photosynth app).

Christmas Parade in Prosperity.

Prosperity, SC

SE Racing OM Flyer.