Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creatures Observed - Backyard 6/21/10

I couldn't get a good shot of the chicks, so I decided to do a quick sketch instead.
Update: As of June 27, the chicks are not in nest. Hopefully, they have flown the coop successfully. After some research, I've found that these birds love to eat bees and wasps! After they shred the stingers off, of course.

Tanager nest - three chicks spotted in nest yesterday. Hopefully more photos to come.

Male Tanager checking out the activity surrounding the nest.

Female Tanager tending the nest. She's a beautiful yellow-green.

I'm outta here!

Common box turtle that visited, but that had no patience for my observation.

Red daylily

Reddish Stag Beetle: This guy was cool - and surprisingly pretty mellow. I'm happy that the image shows off the color and texture of the exterior shell.

OK, not looking that mellow here.