Monday, November 9, 2009

New Project: Schwinn 10 speed

Proud owner (Larry Thacker) of newly refurbed Schwinn World Tourist. Thanks for the Fat Tire, LT!

OK, this one needed some help. Pretty rusty, but a great find from my buddy Larry who found this at His House for $10 about a year ago. This is a c. 1982 Schwinn Women's World Tourist 27" 10-speed that with a little TLC will be road-worthy (assuming the rusty spokes will hold up). Things in question other than the spokes: 25 year old brake pads, a rusty derailler cable that may decide not to change gears all of a sudden. I did install a new rear brake cable, so at least you will have rear brakes. All front brakes is never recommended, as you can find out why in this video:

I hope this bike finds many years of enjoyment, as it is quite comfortable (assuming you stay on a smooth road) Riding down my gravel driveway was a different story. The gears shifted fine, the brakes are adequate (needs new pads) and seat is only semi-comfortable.

But for a nice neighborhood ride, this bike will do a fine job.

Ride On.

Ride On. Beach.

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