Monday, April 19, 2010


Sometimes things appear in the most unexpected places. If this had been more obvious, it would have jumped out of the water and bit me. Which is something that crossed my mind while paddling down the calm Cedar Creek in the Congaree National Park/Swamp. We saw 300-year old bald cypress trees and tupelos, dragonflys, fishing spiders, jumping fish, and numerous snakes. Will and I paddled a little too close to a brown water snake that was hanging out on a branch above. A little too close for me, but we gently cruised on by and all was well.

But seeing this word appearing out of the water is what made the trip even better. A slanted lower case “i” (complete with the dot) and a perfectly positioned upper case “F”. Perfect. And living there in perfect harmony in nature as if it were asking us to complete the sentence. iF ...

Maybe you had to be there, but for me, it was fantastic. I've been trying to complete the sentence ever since.

Thanks to Jeff McGurk for the shot for me (and for organizing the trip). Let's go back soon and see what else we can discover.

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Colin said...

An amazing discovery, no question. Can't wait to see how you complete the sentence.

I'll be keeping an eye out for similar natural typography in my hiking and kayaking... so far the best I've spotted was a perfect lowercase "e" formed out of a snowy branch. And somehow I don't think nature's urging me to ponder the mystery of "eeeeee."