Thursday, July 23, 2009

What was this guy smokin?

I love signs — they inform us, direct us, alert us, and many times simply entertain us, as in this case. I shot this several years ago and came across the image recently. It's always been one of my favorites, primarily because of the story behind it.

After I talked to the owner about this sign, he acknowledged the misspelling and told me that they sent the sign painter back to redo the sign because the first sign that was delivered was spelled “NO SMOKIN” (which generally would fly here in the South). He explained to the sign painter that it needed a G on the end to be correct. So the painter went back to his shop and delivered a brand new sign, with a great-looking G on the end, with even better letterspacing than before. Unfortunately, not enough attention paid to the entire word. Which leaves me to wonder how many times do we become so focused or worried on solving a small issue or problem, and still end up missing the big picture?

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